MINIROS has been present on the construction sites and vocational schools for two years, through its technical commercial and decoration experts, in order to be as close as possible to the professionals, and thus provide them with technical assistance and training for Transmitting application methods and mastering tools.

MINIROS also provides specific training on paints, decorative coatings and application tools directly from dealers who want to develop their customers’ applications and are able to develop spaces for this purpose.

MINIROS is based on specialized training sessions devoted to its own spaces reserved for this practice. These courses are given separately to applicators, resellers and prescribers (architects and designers) to teach them respectively:

  • Techniques and methods of application of decorative paints and coatings as well as the use and control of the corresponding MINIROS tools.
  • Sales and presentation techniques for MINIROS products, the preparation and coloring of paints, the use of catalogs and the explanation to professionals of any detail or information related to the tools and paints.
    The acquisition of the necessary knowledge of MINIROS decorative paints and coatings, their fields of application, the phases of their application, their compositions and their physicochemical characteristics, their yield and their decorative possibilities and the result of the feasible effects and finally; the regulations in force regarding the finishing coatings in order to introduce them in an optimal way in their architectural project and their specifications.


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