DECO+© is a trademark developed and registered by the MINIROS Group in 2013 with the aim of taking charge of a specific sector of building paintings, which is decoration.

Indeed, MINIROS LLC, which for years has been designing, manufacturing, distributing and developing under its brand the traditional paint application tools, namely rollers and brushes could not include in its catalog the products relating to this new sector, which, Formerly, the domain of a few decorators, is of increasing interest to both professionals and households wishing to revamp their interiors. Consequently, MINIROS LLC has made it a managed and developed entity according to concepts specific to the field of « Deco & Coating ».

Today, this area has become a sector of its own, with a large number of designers, manufacturers, dealers and applicators.

At DECO+, all the tools developed are produced basing on productive decorative effects, and it is from this perspective that they were designed. Also, it is from selected and reliable materials (stainless steel, beech wood, vegetable moss, marine sponges, chamois skins, polyamide fibers, natural silks, etc …) that DECO+ manufactures or subtracts by manufacturing partners all of its catalog tools.

On the other hand, DECO+ distributes, with the assistance of its partners, two ranges of paints and decorative coatings, an easy to apply and economical range intended for the professional applicator as well as the amateur user or handyman, and also a luxurious range requiring technical training destined for professionals.

The first range is as refined as the second one is, and can easily be integrated in interiors with different styles and uses.

If today’s available products on the market are more numerous than manufacturers and resellers, illustrate with so many styles and trends, DECO has developed its own glossary, far from any stylistic trend. These decorative products, whatever their inspiration from yesteryear’s decorations is, all have one thing in common: contemporaneity and timelessness.

On the other hand, the quality of the products is flawless and the colors and effects offered are guaranteed.

DECO+, in two years of work and research, was able to develop a catalog rich in decorative tools and paintings capable of satisfying any type of interior decoration, but innovation in this field is a motto: DECO+ will always find, thanks To its contemporary and timeless products, the answer to the needs of the decorators.

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